To All Small Businesses

At the risk of stating the bleeding obvious it’s tough at the moment, very tough.

Co-ordinating clients and your team remotely whilst juggling home life which may include schooling.

Not easy.

But it’s imperative we don’t allow ourselves to become stuck in a quagmire of panic and indecision.

Now is the time for reflection, positivity and planning.

Assuming that the housekeeping is in order including forecasting, updates with the Bank, appropriate government help has been sought and your team are well informed and supported it’s time to grasp the nettle.

Business owners always complain about a lack of time ‘if only I had more time’ well that moment is here.  Time to develop your thoughts.

What were you thinking about pre Covid-19, improved operations, investment, NPD or a restructure? 

They were good ideas then so why can’t they be now?

The world will be different when this crisis ends and sadly many businesses will have fallen by the wayside.  Don’t let yours be one of them.

Look at this as a chance to reinvent the company and seek new business opportunities.  Blow the dust off the original business plan and develop it.  How have your strengths and weaknesses changed, has the team grown as you thought it would?

Our plan since we headed into lockdown has been look ahead, improve and keep focused.  The much talked about ‘website revision’ is now underway, action plans for all clients have been discussed, the new business strategy has been reviewed and investment increased, a team development plan is being implemented and a vision for growth is being crafted, a vision that improves what we do, who we do it for and the lives of the people that do it.

Now you may say you should’ve been doing these things anyway (of course and maybe that’s one of the take-outs from this process) but the last month has enabled us to have undiluted and concentrated thoughts about every topic that appears on a Board agenda.

My daily one hour walk, as permitted has allowed me to think as clearly as I have for many years.

We were a good Agency before and I’m determined we’ll be a better and wiser Agency once we’re through this difficult time.

I  wish every small business the vey best of luck over the coming months.

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