What an Eye-opener

What a start to my Principles Agency career. It’s been one hell of a first week – so interesting and so eye opening. Having previously worked in marketing at a local theatre, the working environments are obviously quite different; the first thing that stood out to me, apart from the vibrancy of Mike’s Hawaiian shirt, was the buzz between the Creatives and the Client Services team. This is a big change from being in a theatre where there are loads of departments working in different areas of a massive, maze-like building.

I’ve been able to sit in on and contribute to meetings, (which there are a surprisingly large amount of) where I’ve seen the two teams come together to nurture what starts off as a broad brief, through a creative process that culminates in a pitch ready to present to a client. This has genuinely been inspiring for me and I’m excited to carry on my progression here, hopefully one day being able to contribute some of my own ideas that come to life in a big campaign.

– Charlie Joy