Give it some welly.

Yorkshire Cancer Research
Scope of Work
Integrated marketing

A local charity with a wonderful history and passion to create a brighter future, Yorkshire Cancer Research needed help to build awareness and establish the charity in hearts and minds throughout the county; highlighting the real impact it's making in it's homeland.

Our Approach

With a mountain to climb we saw no better opportunity than Yorkshire Day to put the charity on the map and give people a reason to get involved and raise vital funds to help save lives.

There’s no better symbol of our beautiful region than the welly, and the ‘Give it some welly’ concept encouraged Yorkshire’s proud population to grab their boots and save lives by wanging, wearing, planting, painting, and being all round creative with them.

An integrated campaign, spearheaded by TV and supported by paid digital, social media, and organic search, as well as PR and radio partnerships, generated an instant increase in brand awareness, surpassing initial expectations.

For Yorkshire Day 2020, we’re returning to take on cancer once again with a refreshed campaign and a more direct approach to encourage fundraising.


Increase in brand awareness from 3% to 5%.

(Based on independent measurement of spontaneous brand awareness pre and post campaign)