Hangry for Freaks.

Freaks of Nature
Scope of Work
Social media

Plant-based dessert brand, Freaks of Nature tasked us with creating fame and following for the brand in the social space. Our objective was to raise awareness of the freakin' delicious plant-based puds and make sure they were at the top of shopping lists for anyone craving glorious free-from indulgence.

Our Approach

We placed reach at the centre of our strategy to establish brand awareness for this new to market brand. We also identified the need to drive in-store sales with a clear paid social media strategy that focused on retailer signposting to help complete the customer journey and encourage brand loyal purchasers.

After identifying Instagram as the main channel for Freaks of Nature's target audience, we developed a bold tone of voice, striking new creative, and worked with carefully-selected brand collaborators to place the brand in-front of its target audience on social media and grow a relevant and loyal following.

Through social listening we were able to understand our target audience and the brand's competitors, how they interact, what they engage with, and what switches them off, feeding all our findings back into our strategy to deliver better results.

Following just three months' of activity, we have returned outstanding results. We've seen a significant increase in follower numbers within audiences with relevant interests to the brand and driven a huge increase in overall engagement rate on the brand's main social media channel, Instagram.

We've also established some great working relationships with high profile influencers and like minded brands on behalf of Freaks of Nature, and our paid social media activity has generated over 11 million impressions amongst the target audience.


Increase in Instagram engagement rate from 2.7% to 7.9%
Increased Instagram audience from 11.3k to 15k