By Mike Hackett
About 3 years ago I returned from a long weekend feeling happy, refreshed, and focussed on the week ahead. I commented to a colleague ‘wouldn’t it be great if every weekend lasted three days?’

We talked about a four-day working week, this country’s obsession with working long hours, quality over quantity and the importance of ensuring the team always feel energised and valued.

Today, 9th May I’m delighted to say we are officially moving to a four-day working week with the added bonus of being paid for five

Our focus is always on producing great work, and the quality cannot drop despite the number of days that we are in the office, working for our clients. To ensure our service levels don’t drop we’ve invested in the team adding four new faces and splitting the week…Monday to Thursday or Tuesday to Friday. So, the agency will be open for 5 days, but the team will rotate when they are in.

The working day won’t change, 9:00am to 5:30pm with an hour for lunch, so we are not sneaking in more hours to make up for the reduction in days.

The quality of what we do with the hour comes into sharp focus. No more unproductive meetings, taking 3 hours on a task when it can be done in 1. When we started to look at our production and processes in this way, you found all sorts of efficiencies.

We have made sure that we have taken all our agency staff along with us on this new venture. We’ve spoken with everyone and discussed potential challenges and how we’ll overcome them. Everyone has contributed in a realistic, positive, and collaborative manner which gives me confidence this will be a huge success.