Astonishing work.

Astonish Cleaners
Scope of Work
Brand Campaign, TV, In-store Activation, OOH, and Performance Marketing

Astonish have been manufacturing household cleaning products in Yorkshire for almost 50 years, in which time they’ve grown from a door-to-door single product set-up, to an international brand which is famous in the discount retailers and breaking through into the major supermarkets.

The Challenge

With widespread national listings across discount and independent retailers, Astonish set their sights on the major multiples with a new Specialist range of premium cleaners – spearheaded by a true innovation in oven cleaning.

We were tasked with launching this new range to drive awareness and encourage trial, thus disrupting a category dominated by multinational stalwarts.

Our Approach

Everybody hates cleaning the oven. In fact, it’s the most hated household chore and (perhaps unsurprisingly) the task we’re most keen to avoid or delay. It’s not hard to see why, when most oven cleaners lead to an evacuated kitchen and head-to-toe PPE. Astonish Specialist Oven and Grill Cleaner is a genuine category innovation which presents and entirely new, easier and quicker, way to clean your oven. Our campaign didn’t just need to show how this product works but more importantly the real life benefits it presents.

The campaign, which ran for 3 months at the start of 2020 across ITV National TV as well as paid digital and social, opens a window into the busy life of a modern family, showing the non-stop role the oven plays at the very heart of it in a warm and memorable execution contrasting the category norm.


Uplift in website traffic
Uplift in sales for Hero Oven & Grill cleaner
Uplift in sales for other featured Specialist cleaners
Uplift in overall sales for Astonish