Creating magic for Astonish

Astonish Cleaners
Scope of Work
TV and Brand Campaign

After working with Astonish on their hugely successful TV debut in 2019, which focussed on the Yorkshire brand’s specialist oven cleaner, Astonish briefed us to take them back on TV again.

The Challenge

The brief this time round was to demonstrate efficacy across the whole product range; increasing national penetration and stealing market share from major players in the category.

Our Approach

We tackled this challenge by focussing on building the brand, rather than just showcasing product. Whilst the TVC spans cleaning across the whole home and shows the breadth of Astonish’s range, the fun and relatable narrative builds the brand at an emotive level, rather than the more practical and rational product demo approach so common in this category.

By uncovering consumer insight and workshopping with the client, we selected a route which builds on a very specific observation – for us Brits cleaning is often an irrational act of showing care for others. This strategic territory became the starting point for developing our creative concepts and led to our selected route which echoes the insight in a powerful, emotive expression of parental selflessness.


Immediate sales increase across various retailers (longer term impact is currently being measured)
System1 star rating, which places the ad in the top 10% for predicted long-term market share growth.