Finding a Warmaway.

Scope of Work
Performance Marketing, Social Media, and SEO

Warmaway were looking to drive sales of their domestic boiler installations and their renewable heating solutions through digital marketing. They had previously invested in advertising on social media channels but had struggled to see a return of their investment as this wasn’t translating into more sales.

The Approach

We approach our digital marketing projects with the end user in mind and make sure to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. We conducted research into the industry to understand the 3 main types of customers, and the different focuses they have when purchasing a boiler. The groups were categorised into “the quality of the product”, “value for money” and “the level of service”. Through understanding each customer, we are able to target them with more personalised and therefore more effective adverts. Alongside the paid social campaigns, we also have a constant drum beat of activity through SEO and organic social media to keep the brand awareness high. This activity is regularly tweaked and optimised to maximise the investment and generate the best results.


Year-on-year increase in new website users
conversion rate from PPC
thousand impression on social media