Original thinking.

Scope of Work
Brand Campaign, TV, and Performance Marketing

We were challenged to develop the VELCRO®Brand global brand story to create a targeted UK Campaign. Raising brand awareness & communicating efficacy, versatility and ease through the lens of ORIGINAL THINKING™ to support VELCRO® Brand at a brand level and deliver maximum brand interaction.

Putting insight at the heart of the campaign, we showcased everyday ingenious uses. By capturing genuine moments and emotions we sparked consumers imaginations to inspire ORIGINAL THINKING™ in their own homes. Encouraging purchase by highlighting the versatility and ease of use.

Communicating that the reason to choose VELCRO® Brand is that they are the original and therefore the best. As the best performing and strongest product, the campaign was focused on levying the credentials of the ‘Heavy Duty’ range to raise awareness of the VELCRO brand, increase consumer demand for heavy duty products and inspire consumers on usages of product.

We used a blend of tactics to deliver brand awareness and conversion with a 3-month campaign driving maximum reach from the start, we ensured that the budget was used wisely in order to sustain momentum and drive purchase.


million people reached
million impressions
thousand clicks to the VELCRO® Brand Amazon store