Reaching people to tell them 'YOU can'.

Scope of Work
Performance Marketing, Radio, Brand Campaign, and SEO

To develop and implement a creative brand platform helping people who have struggled to gain credit elsewhere, to find and fund their next car through UCAN.

The Approach

Applying the in-depth consumer research we conducted, it was clear that most people were not in the market for car finance at that time, and of the people that were, only a small percentage sat within the outlined ideal target market for UCAN.

There were a wide range of factors which could lead these customers to falling into the market for sub-prime credit and it was estimated that the number of people in this position would only get larger in the following months.

With this in mind, we took a two-speed communications approach combining long term brand building with shorter term sales activation with paid social and PPC.

Combine this impressive targeting with unforgettable creative oozing with positivinty and a Ucan attitude and we have a instantly memorable campaign. Featuring a catchy jingle and larger than life Ucan man we really highlight the ease of buying a car with Ucan.


million impacts on the radio campaign
million impressions on the digital campaign
thousand clicks on the digital campaign