By Ben Norman
If you’re old enough, try to cast your mind back to the 1990s; the back end of a truly brilliant era for advertising. It was impossible to eat a Jaffa Cake without doing a half-moon, followed by a total eclipse; Christmas didn’t officially start until the Coca-Cola truck rolled onto our screens; and at some point, everyone was slapped in the face in the school playground in the name of Tango.

This was a decade of outrageously effective television advertising and the brands maximising advertising opportunities on the small screen were as much a part of the office and classroom chat, as the TV shows that they sat between.

Long before social media came along to bring brands closer to their fans, TV ads were a part of popular culture and viral by nature.

At this point you’d be forgiven for thinking these are reminiscent musings over bygone days. But while it has been a lot of fun revisiting these fabulous TV ad campaigns, we need to shine a light on the shift that’s taken place more recently, and the growing misunderstanding among brands about how television advertising actually works.

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