Why Gen Z are now searching for information on TikTok as opposed to Google and how they can be reached on TikTok.

TikTok has recently emerged as a trendsetter and a disruptor within the social media industry, threatening many key players to become one of the most widely used social media apps today. In 2022 the length of time spent on TikTok was equivalent to the combined usage of Facebook and Twitter (now X). TikTok has seen widespread success largely due to its unique algorithm, which is highly effective at suggesting videos that users are likely to engage with based on their viewing history. Its success and highly addictive nature is a key reason that YouTube released “shorts” and Instagram started pushing reels.

TikTok has soared in popularity due to its ability to capture the short attention span of a predominantly younger audience, as almost 70% of its users belong to Gen Z.

TikTok has become a one stop shop for tutorials, beauty tips and fashion inspiration. Therefore, it is a great place to discover the latest products and trends. But for Gen Z, TikTok also is a place to search for information. Google report that 40% of young people now turn to social media sites such as TikTok and Instagram to search for information. Gen Z will use TikTok to search for products to buy, places to eat and things to do in their local area.

When searching for places to eat in Leeds on Google, the results simply provide a list of the top reviewed places in that area, showing the businesses that have a strong SEO strategy first. These search results do not consider the unique interests and preferences of the user and may not find what they are searching for.

However, when searching places to eat in Leeds on TikTok, the results from are much more personalised and valuable than Google. TikTok suggests hyper-relevant content to viewers that is narrative driven and based on data accumulated from the user by its algorithm. TikTok considers the unique interests of its users to deliver personalised and immersive results that are tailored to the user in the form of captivating video content.

Social search offers a huge opportunity for brands to gain exposure and consideration above and beyond Google and organic search. If done well, it can function as more than an additional touch point, but as the primary touch point for younger audiences.

As Gen Z are now moving to social to search for information, recommendations, reviews and social proof its essential for marketers to revisit their strategy to include social search if they want to reach Gen Z.

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