By Zaz Chaudhry
Welcome to our new monthly update on Social Media Trends where we take you through the most relevant headline summaries of the features across social media platforms, what’s working and where things are heading. Here, you’ll find all insights and crucial information you need to take Social Media head on! October has been a month filled with plenty of updates. So, let’s dive in…

Twitter has launched the first stage of the live roll out of tweet editing. Exciting news for many since it’s been needed for a while now. Hopefully we will no longer need to delete a tweet because of a typo! It will only work for 30 minutes after posting however it is a huge step forward. Viewers will be able to see the Tweet’s Edit History, which includes past versions of the Tweet – so be careful what you tweet!

That’s not all, Twitter has now moved to the next stage of testing for the new Status Indicators. You’ll be able to add a Status which will be displayed above your tweet, and below your username, adding immediate context to your message.

To keep the collabs coming, Facebook is developing a new option to invite a co-author for your reel clips.

An update which many have been waiting for from Instagram is finally coming to life. The 60 second stories! This will mean that stories are no longer split into 15 second segments.

To keep the good news flowing, as well on Instagram multiple bio-links are being tested. Not the best news for Linktree but it may be a way to save time for everyone else!

The battle of the platforms continues… TikTok adds a photo mode for still images. Whether this will set a new trend or if it will die off quickly, we will have to wait and see. It is also launching TikTok Now, similar to Bereal, to hop on that trend!

TikTok has announced a new partnership with Linktree to facilitate more referral traffic options. As well as this, video caption character limit has increased to 2,200 characters! Is this a hint from TikTok to include longer captions on your videos?

Check back next month for another set of fresh updates.