By Principles Agency
Earlier this year, Good Dog Food appointed Leeds-based brand communications agency Principles to create a category-defining brand for their revolutionary pet food, which will be the first cultivated-meat brand to hit shelves in Europe for pets or people.

Through a blended process of strategic consultation and creative collaboration, ‘Meatly’ was born, promising pet parents an easy choice by producing sustainable, tasty and nutritious meat from a single fertilised chicken egg which protects our pets, the people and our planet.

Principles Creative Director Paul Nichols, said: “We were really excited by the challenge creating this brand posed as there’s a huge risk when a product is so innovative that we get lost in the science, so we set a path from day one to bring the innovation down to earth and ground the visual language and tone of voice in a way that doesn’t alienate pet parents, instead creating something in which they can relate and warm to.”

“The most effective, and successful, innovation is always routed in familiarity.”

Meatly CEO Owen Ensor, added: “We couldn’t be happier with the brand we’ve created with the team at Principles – from day one they understood what we were trying to achieve.”

“The result, not only in how it looks, but the strategic foundations which have been put in place have set us up for the exciting journey ahead. I can’t wait to see Meatly on shelves very soon!”