Seabrook's polite pursuit: Embracing British etiquette

Scope of Work
TV and Brand Campaign

Back in 2020, we worked with Seabrook to introduce Brilliant by the Bagful: a new creative brand platform which celebrates the little, everyday moments and cultural quirks which make us Brits who we are, whilst reaffirming Seabrook’s place in the fabric of British culture.

The Challenge

In 2024, we were tasked with the tricky sequel; not only were we aiming to repeat the success of the first campaign (which hit 4* in System1’s ad rating whilst helping the brand become the fastest growing in the category and overtake McCoys becoming #1 in crinkle cut), but also create a campaign which showcases Seabrook’s expansion across the wider snacking category.

Our Approach

We started by uncovering further insight around the unwritten rules and quirks of British behaviour, exploring plenty of avenues before settling on our ‘politeness-to-a-fault’ territory.

Building upon the ‘Brilliant by the Bagful’ platform, we crafted an ad which tells the story of British politeness and delightful idiosyncrasies, showcasing scenarios where individuals go above and beyond in their courteousness. Leveraging relatable scenarios, we aimed to evoke a sense of national pride and nostalgia while reinforcing Seabrook's brand identity as a purveyor of authentic British snacks.

The Results

We’re monitoring the activity right now and will report the results when they’re in, but we do know Peter’s happy…