By Principles Agency
We're excited to share our latest work for Astonish, launching the Bradford company's first-ever brand-building campaign.

Spearheading the introduction of a new creative platform – 'No magic, no spells, just Astonish' – is a TV commercial which went live this week, fuelled by £1.3m of ITV media investment planned and bought by Boutique.

The ad tells the story of a little girl with a big imagination, on a quest to uncover the secret of her immaculate home.

Ben Norman, Strategy Director at Principles said: "The first time we took Astonish on TV, we had great success with a product-specific commercial which drove an immediate sales increase; this time the challenge is very different as we focus on building the whole brand and target longer-lasting mental availability.

We started by digging into the real reasons why us Brits keep our homes so clean, recognising it’s not just about sanitation and safety, but a selfless act of caring for those closest to us. There are unsung heroes in every family home, so we wanted to bring this to life in a magical way," Norman added.

Astonish Chief Executive, Howard Moss, said: "This is the start of an exciting and important chapter for Astonish, we’ve worked really hard to grow our range, increase capacity and widen distribution – now we’re ready to invest significantly in the brand for the long term.

'We’ve seen previously how effective TV can be for us, when done right, and we’re really pleased with the work Principles and Boutique have done on our latest campaign."